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Yamaha CK88 88-Key Stage Piano & Organ (Demo)

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Take your sound where it’s never been before. Anywhere.

CK turns everywhere you go into a stage or studio with intuitive controls, built-in speakers, and all the sounds you need to create your own sound. CK combines the sounds of the Yamaha CP Stage Piano with the organ and synth-focused YC Stage Keyboard for a totally new sonic palette you can play anywhere.


CK combines the sounds of the Yamaha CP Stage Piano with the organ and synth focused YC Stage Keyboard to give you a totally new sonic palette. All with an intuitive interface that lets you focus on the music, not the menus. You’ll have piano, electric pianos, strings and brass plus a dedicated organ section and modern synth sounds. Onboard special effects to make it your own. There’s even Analog to Digital (A/D) Input to plug in a mic or another instrument, apply effects and record directly to your laptop. Not to mention CK has built-in speakers and batteries to take your new sound to new places. The options are nearly endless.


CK features an intuitive, 1 to 1 interface that gives you the freedom to explore your sound. Everything, from dedicated Organ controls to Synth and Effects controls, is designed to keep you making music instead of diving into menus.


All the world’s a stage - or studio. And CK is the portable keyboard ready to play anywhere at a moment’s notice. Take it camping and livestream by a stream. Play in the park. Or on stage in Central Park. Bring it to your neighbor’s BBQ and steal their guitar thunder. All without compromising sound quality or features.


• Two split points increase flexibility to play three different sounds across the keyboard.

• Focused piano and keyboard sound set that's expressive and authentic for any musical need.

• Features a variety of organ types, from vintage drawbar to combo transistor-based from reface YC, for classic rock, pop, jazz, R&B and country.

• Imitative sounds with realistic string sections, brass ensembles, and more add to the musical versatility.

• A collection of fat, deep and expressive synth sounds that can be controlled in real-time. • Extensive onboard effects feature hands on controls to easily create your own sound.

• One-to-one interface keeps you out of menus so you can focus on the music.

• Dedicated Part controls allow quick and deep tweaking without menu diving.

• Two customizable pedal inputs provide extra control for more expression.

• Four Zone MIDI Master Keyboard Control allows powerful control over hardware and soft synths.