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Trade In & Consignment

At Patchwerks, we offer consignment and trade-in!  If you've got some gear you're not using or want to put on the market, these are great ways to get your gear in front of Patchwerks customers.  If you wish to consign your equipment, we can either apply the value of your sale to store credit or pay out using Paypal.  For trade-in, we offer the ability for you to convert your gear to store credit.  We do not pay out cash for trade-in.

First off, we only accept certain kinds of gear.  Generally, we focus on modular, synthesizers, drum machines, vintage items, and some pedals and effects.  Occasionally we will accept some recording equipment.  All equipment for consignment or trade-in must be fully functional and in good cosmetic condition. If we deem the gear not to be in good selling condition upon evaluation, we reserve right to refuse accepting that gear. If the gear does not come with adequate accessories, such a power supplies for standalone synthesizers, USB cables for MIDI controllers or interfaces, or power cables for Eurorack modules, we will deduct from your payout the cost of an appropriate accessories, which will be reflected upon dropping off the gear on the in-take form.

Trade-In for Store Credit

If you're looking to turn your gear into dollars to apply toward another purchase at Patchwerks, you can consider trading in the equipment.  We evaluate the item's value to determine our sale price, and we offer 50% of the determined sale price to you as store credit.  You can either apply the credit immediately to a purchase, or we can give you a gift card for the amount of the trade-in value redeemable at Patchwerks with no expiration.


The way consignment works is the consignee (the person with the equipment to consign) generally decides on a price for each piece of gear.  We'll help guide you if we think the price you consider isn't appropriate.  We'll list your items on our website and display them in our showroom (when possible) and make them available to our customers. 

When an item sells, after the return/exchange period (currently 14 days) Patchwerks pays out 75% of the sale price to you via PayPal, excluding tax.  Please note that PayPal does subtract its fees from the transaction and that "Friends and Family" is not an option for these transfers.  If for whatever reason PayPal doesn't work for you, we can consider other options on a case-by-case basis. 

Sometimes, customers will make counter-offers on the gear, and we pass those on to you the consignee for you to consider.  Without prior agreement, we do not discount the amount of the agreed payout. 

Finally, consignment is at-will, so if something doesn't sell for us we reserve the right to return it to you at any time with no fees charged.  We also require that if you consign equipment at Patchwerks that it is not listed for sale in any other forum or marketplace.

Ready to go?

If you're ready to go for consignment or trade-in, please make an appointment with us by emailing support@patchwerks.com or calling the shop at 844-928-3376.