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π™Žπ™†π™”π™‚π˜Όπ™Ž is the new moniker of Seattle's Ian Price, known as the figure behind the unhinged Bonkers parties of the Northwest and the Pleasure Boat Records label, after years spent building gear and changing direction.

Under a new pseudonym, this debut album is the sound of a seasoned musician walking away from modern production and back into primordial sound. The result is a perpetual horizon machine focused on themes of joy, solitude, and impermanence, described as β€œnew age with abrasions.”

Scant traces of Ian's previous music as Naturebot can be found, removed from all the intricate production and vertical density in favor of letting these hallucinatory fantasias spread out across wide swaths of time, resting somewhere between the uncanny valley and the fertile crescent. π™Žπ™†π™”π™‚π˜Όπ™Ž presents a landscape of fractured melodies and immense analog sounds colliding with each other, too chaotic and intense to be considered ambient music while too blissful and buoyant to be deemed experimental.

Opener Settling In feels like a broken transmission from a long lost gospel revue, while Autumn in the Tundra provides endless waves of muted colors. Acceptance of the Unknown provides aΒ dreadful sense of comfort, following a flitting synth on the spritz bouncing around waves of tape loops of combo organs. Album closer Spectacles rumbles and flutters across massive layers of modular synths before imploding into a nebula of minuscule melodies.Β 
released February 21, 2023

More Details: https://skygas.net/album/lp