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Recovery Effects Cutting Room Floor Delay Pedal V3

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The Cutting Room Floor was designed to emulate the sound of vintage reel-to-
reel tape overdrive and echo. This pedal reaches into the 21st century with characteristics that traverse the world of modulation and delay. With separate controls over the input signal and tape delay signal, you can adjust the amount of emulated tape saturation and tape delay level. Other features include a freeze button that traps a tone while still playing, and expression/CV control for time. The Cutting Room Floor provides beautifully marred saturated tape tone and ethereal repeats. Imagine an abandoned factory with a fluttering tape machine left on infinite replay.

New in V3:

- Independent control of the tape saturation and tape delay levels
- High-quality knobs with textured grip
- Tape reel design lights up when the pedal is on
- Better layout of the knob placement
- Smaller 125B enclosure (4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39")