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raw yaw media uni

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big knob
uni is a triple attenuverter utility module designed to give cases gigantic macro control knobs.

cv inputs 1 and 3 - cv input for bidirectional attenuation. when input cables aren't plugged into these jacks, 5V reference signals will be used. cv input 2 - cv input for either unidirectional or bidirectional attenuation. when an input cable isn't plugged into this jack, a 5V reference signal will be used. switch - toggles cv input 2 between unidirectional and bidirectional attenuation


cv outputs 1, 2 and 3 - attenuated cv output. if no cables are plugged into an output jack, it is summed into the subsequent output jack.

25 mA +12V 20 mA -12V 0 mA 5V
10 HP 27mm deep
depth 27
_hp 10