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Noise Engineering Xer Dualis 4-Channel Stereo Mixer

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Xer Dualis is a compact four-channel stereo mixer. Use the individual left and right inputs for your stereo signals, or just the left input for a mono signal: it normals to the right one. Each channel has a mute and an individual level control so you can fine-tune your mix to your taste. XD’s stereo output pair features a simple meter and a clip indicator to help keep your mix clean. Grab Xer Dualis whether you need a submixer for a large system or an easy way to mix all the elements of a portable case together.

Size and power:
  • 6 HP

  • +12v: 40mA

  • -12v: 40mA

  • +5v: 0mA

Xer:  here is, from Greek cherest 

Dualis:  containing two, from Latin

"Here is stereo!"

_hp 6