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Instruo troika Triple Oscillator

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troika is a set of 3, all analogue, voltage controlled oscillators in a single module.

They can be used individually or summed with a built in mixer.

Each of the voices generates the classic waveforms and use a unique control set of switches and crossfaders for truly analogue crossfading between wave shapes.

Between the three voices, crossfading between any combination of classic wave shapes can be achieved. In addition, the third voice has PWM capabilities.

When one oscillator isn’t enough and two oscillators still aren’t enough. Three is just right!

troika takes the rule of thumb “two is one, one is none” and adds an extra on top.

The module is an arrangement of three all analogue oscillators which can function completely independently or together via parallel pitch tracking utilizing cascading 1V/octave CV normal connections.

The foundations for many powerful subtractive synth voices often use multiple oscillators. Detuning these slightly from one another gives the timbral richness which helped define the original synthesizers of the 60s and 70s.

The troika was designed to simplify the patching of layered voices in this manner with the benefit of having three voices with matched components and calibration for consistent pitch tracking.

The oscillators each have linear FM inputs with attenuators as well as oscillator sync inputs. This allows for FM operator configurations with first order and even second order modulation on a single module.

Sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms are generated from each oscillator voice, with exception to oscillator three, which lacks triangle but gains CV controllable pulse-width modulation over its square wave.

The waveform control section of the troika utilizes switching between sliding potentiometers which allow for crossfading between the simple waveforms. The arrangement of the waveforms between the three oscillators allows for linear crossfading between any two basic waveforms.


Depth: 27mm


+12V: 110mA
–12V: 110mA


  • Three all analogue oscillators
  • 1V/octave, Coarse, Fine controls
  • Toggle switches for cascading 1V/octave CV to lower oscillator as normal connection
  • Oscillator sync
  • Linear FM
  • Selectable faders for crossfading between waveforms
  • Individual oscillator outputs
  • Summed output with level controls

troika ˈtrɔɪkə | noun (group of three) three horses harnessed side-by-side, working together often in ruling or administrative function, iconic symbol of Russia

The Instruo troika Triple Oscillator is used in this video:

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