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Instruo Aradh Transistor Ladder Filter

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Instruo Aradh Ladder Filter

By popular demand – an exciting new take on the legendary transistor ladder filter. Introducing the Instruō àradh, the long-awaited successor to the first Instruō low pass filter, tràigh. Expanding on tràigh’s classic functionality, àradh adds a VCA with pre or post-filter routing options, an envelope follower, a comparator gate, a strike input with variable decay time, and a plethora of user-definable voltage-controlled parameter combinations. Whether you’re looking for voltage-controlled resonance, pre-gain filter saturation, noise gate functionality, dynamics processing, or even an envelope follower, àradh can get the job done – a true sound-shaping powerhouse in only 6 HP.


• Low pass filter and VCA
• VCA pre/post-filter routing options
• Strike input and button
• User-defined CV input
• Envelope follower and comparator functionality
• Self-oscillating resonance

+12V: 60mA
-12V: 40mA

type ["Filter"]
_hp 6