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Folktek Alter 1 Effects Processor

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Alter is an effects processor for eurorack format. There are two versions of the Alter which are visually identical except the names "Alter 1" and "Alter 2". This is Alter 1. Internally, 1 & 2 have an entirely different set of effects from the other. Each version features 7 unique and meticulously designed DSP effects. 


- Controls for mix, X, Y and Sift as well as clock.
- All effects have a variation of a filter which may change effect to effect.
- X and Y control various rates, feedback and time over the different effects (note that some of the images shows a prototype which says "rate" under two of the pots. The faceplate has been changed to X and Y).
- Clock control adjusts the rate which controls the DSP which can drastically change the effect. In doing so it does slightly lower the quality of the output signal but the results are fantastic. This clock is not for synchronization.
- Mix, X, Y and Sift all have CV control inputs.
- Each control level or CV input is visualized on the control panel.


- Stereo inputs with separate level/gain control for right and left channels. These levels can also act as mute as it can take the signal to 0. They can also add gain to a quiet signal.
- peak level indicator for clipping levels at the input
- mono input is made stereo within the DSP and outputs to both left and right channels
- stereo outputs for right and left channels


The effect is selected by the hexagonal touch pad. The effects for Alter 1 are as follows:
1 - long delay
2 - tight, notated granular delay
3 - plate reverb
4 - shimmering reverb
5 - distortion multi-filter
6 - pitch delay
7 - stutter glitch


includes printed manual
+12V: 160mA
-12V: 0mA
+5V: 0mA
16HP width
25 mm Depth
View on Modular Grid: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/folktek-alter-1