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Endorphines Golden Master Pedal White

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Based on our GOLDEN MASTER eurorack module and our experience in electronic live music performances, we developed GOLDEN MASTER – a multiband processor PEDAL with surprisingly wide application palette: from guitarists (and especially bass guitarists) to pedalboards’ or entire electronic mix  end-of-chain processor to deliver high pressure audio for live concerts and venues: sound loud and punchy without overloading the master limiter. 

  • multiband processor consists of EQ, Compressor and Mid/Side processor all three available at the same time

  • 24 bit 96 kHz audio I/O with 32 bit internal processing

  • stereo widener for each of the 3 bands

  • high impedance inputs, pseudo-balanced outputs: works also as a DI-box on stage

  • one knob compressor per band along with global threshold allows you to intuitively achieve results

  • dedicated expression / sidechain input

  • two footswitches let you select 3 presets and bypass with your feet