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Endorphin.es Furtherrrr Generator Dual Complex VCO with Waveshaper (Silver)

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Dual Complex VCO with waveshaper

  • all analog signal path inspired by & based upon famous westcoast synthesis – a module in the tradition of harmonic generation based on additive synthesis

  • 2 discrete OTA triangle-core VCOs both with hard- (resetable) and soft- (inverting) syncs. The cores are self made custom encapsulated circuits with decent results of tracking (up to 6 octaves) as well as fine temperature stability

  • multi-turn frequency knobs sweep up to 10 octaves

  • simple and efficient oscillator tuners

  • Selectable tracking (1 or 1.2 v/oct) by setting a jumper (we believe at last a few wigglers will appreciate that)

  • instant thru-zero linear FM with the Strong-Zero VCO core update

  • deep, metallic timbres, entirely new sphere of sounds from light whistles to weird noises

Power consumption:

  • 180 mA +12V

  • 215 mA -12V

  • 0 mA 5V


  • 30 HP

  • 26 mm deep

Sometimes Searched for as "Further"

_hp 30