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Elektron Digitakt II 16-Track Drum Computer and Stereo Sampler (Pre-order)

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Second batch of pre-orders are now open! These units are expected to arrive in the first half of June!

First batch: If you are part of this batch, we've gotten shipping confirmation and those units should be arriving next week!

Send yourself to another sampling dimension. With Digitakt II, you can weave splinters of sound in stereo, ripped from the moment and brought to your fingertips for marvelous audio manipulation and beat arraying. Preserve or distort reality as you so desire with 16 tracks ready for stereo or mono samples, or MIDI. Choose from several swappable filters for each track and utilize a wide assortment of effects and modulation, pull on enhanced processing power, and enough memory for a lifetime of samples. Further tasty features like a Euclidean sequence generator, an extended 128 step sequencer, kits, trig modes, an extensive sample library, and a modular workflow to play with ensure your sonic-montage sculpting potential will know no beat-making bounds.

Key Features

  • Digital drum computer & stereo sampler
  • 16 audio tracks all ready for stereo or mono samples, or MIDI
  • Swappable filters: 1 Base-width filter and then 1 from Multi-mode, Low pass 4, Comb, EQ, or Legacy LP/HP
  • 3 assignable LFOs per track
  • Delay, reverb, chorus, bit reduction, sample reduction, and overdrive per track
  • Updated modular workflow
  • Euclidean sequence generator
  • 128-step Elektron sequencer
  • Expanded memory and power
  • 4 × Trig modes
  • Song Mode create, edit & play full compositions with ease