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Dreadbox Treminator LFO Tremolo

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Dreadbox TREMINATOR is based on the synthesizer’s last signal flow stage, called the VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier).

Our development team took this simple circuit and adapted it to a really expressive effect pedal, which is combined with an LFO that is controlled by Envelope Generators.
Forget everything you knew about tremolos and prepare to be amazed…

  • Expressive Analog Tremolo
  • VCA circuit straight out of a synthesizer
  • Wide Range LFO (20sec-220Hz)
  • Tap Tempo with multiple division settings
  • 2x Envelope Generators to control the LFO behaviour
  • 3 patch points to interact with modular and cv gear


Analog Signal / Digital Modulations

Buffered OpAmp


Inputs / Outputs
IN/OUT : TS Unbalanced 6.4mm jack

Power Supply
9VDC BOSS style center pin negative 2.1mm (NOT INCLUDED)

Dimensions (cm)
14 x 10 x 5.6

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