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Daniel G. Harmann - Unspoken Ghosts (Vinyl)

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In early 2022, Daniel G. Harmann bought a portable synthesizer/drum machine/four tracker, called an OP-1. Since he travels a lot, his goal was to write and record one song on every flight. He ended up with six, that he set aside in a ‘when am I ever gonna have time for this stuff’ sort of way.

THEN. In June of 2022 he suffered an accident that kept him bed-ridden for the month. Without the ability to play guitar or track vocals, he decided to take a second look at those tracks he built out on the OP-1, and dumped them into Logic. All while he was high on drugs, watching baseball, or listening to his wife and dogs sleep beside him.

The result is Unspoken Ghosts, Vol. 1 - a six song instrumental EP full of sweeping synths, downtempo beats, and chopped samples. The first single and EP opener, ‘when she opens the door, i am reborn’, sets the tone in this unexpected but fitting new direction for Harmann.

Unspoken Ghosts, Vol 2 is the follow up to Vol.1 featuring collaboration with friends, and this vinyl includes both volumes on wax.

More Details: https://thetroublestarts.bandcamp.com/album/unspoken-ghosts-special-edition