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Condutive Labs MRCC Remote 7

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Cleanly and conveniently extend the MRCC’s MIDI outputs with the Remote 7!  Adds five routable 5 Pin DINs, plus two shared 3.5MM TRS MIDI jacks (one MIDI TRS standard type A, and one type B) over a shielded Ethernet cable. A 10 meter (32 ft.) Ethernet cable is included and automatically added to your order.

Requires the MRCC, sold separately. Only one Remote 7 can be connected to an MRCC. If you are connecting 2 MRCC together, you will need a custom RJ45 splitter (coming soon) to use the Remote 7. See the forum for details.


Order the MRCC Remote 7 for delivery with MRCC when ordered from Conductivelabs.com shop.

Orders ship from our Hong Kong based fulfillment warehouse partner.

  • Included with the Remote 7 is a 10 meter (32′) Ethernet cable* to connect Remote 7 to MRCC.

*If you want to use your own Ethernet cable, it must have shielded connectors that are connected to each other via a drain wire in the cable. CAT6a (or better) Ethernet cables with shielded connectors (metal shrouds over the connectors) are typically connected in this way.

The connections from the RJ45 on MRCC to the Remote 7 are MIDI, and those signals are not actively repeated. In theory you should subtract the length of the Ethernet cable from the max length coming out of the Remote 7. That is, if you have a 30′ Ethernet cable from MRCC to Remote 7, subtract 30 from 50 for the max cable length from a Remote 7 output. In practice, when using good quality MIDI cables you can probably use a 50′ cable to the Remote 7, and 6′ MIDI cables from the Remote 7 to your gear. YMMV.

The 2 TRS jacks on the Remote 7 are hard wired to 2 of the 5 pin DINs. When using the shared DIN and TRS output at the same time, the voltage will be lowered, kind of like using a headphone splitter. A maximum 6 foot TRS cable length is advised, though the MIDI.ORG does not specify a TRS to TRS cable, only a TRS to MIDI adapter with a maximum 6″ length. We have had no noticeable problems using short (36″) dollar store TRS cables.

Like MRCC outputs 7-12, Remote 7 outputs do not currently pass SysEx data.


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Dimensions 14 × 9 × 4 cm