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Endorphin.es Cockpit 1U Compact Performance Oriented 4 Channel Stereo Mixer with Sidechain Ducking (Black)

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Compact, performance oriented 4 channel stereo mixer with sidechain ducking

  • 4 channel stereo performance mixer

  • Daltonic friendly - the LEDs are blue/red instead of red/green

  • Channel 1 features a stereo input jack, Channels 2/3/4 are dual mono

  • On-board compressor with external sidechain control voltage option (3 modes) to add dynamics to your mix.

  • Stereo output for speakers or headphones with enough current to drive a wide range of headphones

  • extra aux, stereo out, balanced output pins, compatible with Intellijel Audio Jacks V2 Boards / cases

  • available in 3U / 6HP version (black, golden)

Power consumption:

  • 40 mA +12V

  • 25 mA -12V

  • 0 mA 5V

  • 24 HP (1U)

  • 41 mm deep

type ["Mixer","1U","External"]
_hp 24