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CHOMPI Sampler - Classic Black

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CHOMPI is a quirky, chromatic sampler and tape music instrument, inviting you into the magical world of sound design. With its unique stereo sampling engine, expressive multi-effects and varispeed “tape” style looper; CHOMPI is ready for immediate fun.


  • Unique screenless workflow utilizes rgb LED indicators
  • Endless push button encoders for multi-page parameter controls
  • Two octave chromatic keyboard utilizes MX Cherry switches 

3 selectable sampling sources

  • Built-in microphone
  • Stereo Aux input
  • Resample master output signal

Minimal, yet capable sound design engine:

  • Sample playback speed & direction control
  • Sample start & end point control
  • Sample attack & release/decay envelope

Single knob multi-FX section 

  • Pg 1 Magic Wand: combo delay + reverb
  • Pg 2 Tape Saturation: w/ wow & flutter
  • Pg 3 Multi-Mode Filter: <lowpass & highpass>

Varispeed tape-style looper

  • Transport knob provides control over loop playback speed & direction, as well as manual tape scrubbing when loop is paused
  • Overdub decay controls allow for “frippertronics” loop composition techniques
  • Real time audio thru mode for live FX and loop recording