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Chandler Woodworking 10U Studio Case (Wenge Wood)

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Exotic two-tone powered 10u (Intellijel 1u) 126hp modern design-inspired studio case made right here in the PNW by a local maker!  

Made of solid exotic hardwoods; Leopard and Wenge. All-black rails and 5a of clean power provided by the KonstantLab PSUs and noise filtering bus boards. There’s plenty of interior space for your modules; tested with skiff-friendly and stacked PCB modules alike. 

Unlike larger studio cases, this one was designed to provide plenty of space for a full modular setup without taking up too large a footprint; perfect for small studio spaces! 

Note: Wood is a natural product, and will darken over time which only improves the richness of this beautiful two-tone case. The maker has ensured there’s a great match across the entire case in both grain and color.


  • 3 126hp 3u rails with a 1U rail near the center (Intellijel format) which include both 3mm sliding nuts and threaded strips
  • Non-slip rubber feet on bottom of the case
  • Powered by KonstantLab HammerPWR PSU with included Meanwell 120w power brick
  • 4 KonstantLab noise filtering bus boards each with 18 angled shrouded headers to maximize available space for tall modules


  • Width: 26 5/8”
  • Length: 8 1/4”
  • Height: 19 1/2”
  • Inside depth (above bus boards): 3” top half, 4” in bottom half 
  • Power output: -12v / 2.5a, +12v / 5a, 5v / 2a