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Buchla LEM 218e V3 Capacitive Keyboard Controller

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With a complete redesign, the LEM 218e Touch Activated Voltage Source is waiting for you to get your hands on it. Don Buchla’s original capacitive touch keyboard is now redesigned with superior pressure sensing, better texture and feel,  polyphonic MIDI, eurorack compatibility, wild arpeggiations, and any number of great ways to make and experience new music.

While it has the Buchla name, the LEM 218e is appealing to any number of customers, not just Buchla users. In addition to the traditional Buchla banana jacks on top, there’s now Eurorack compatible outputs for 1v/octave, gate, pressure, and strip voltage. MIDI fans will love the USB C and traditional serial MIDI on 3.5mm jacks. MIDI to CV conversion adds convenient utility for incorporating other gear, too.

In The Box:
-LEM 218e
-12V Grounded Power Supply*
-Grounding Strap
-3.5mm to 5-pin DIN MIDI adapters
-Quick Start guide
* center positive, 2.5mm barrel, earth ground connected. For convenience, the provided 40W AC adapter is compatible with the Easel Command