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Befaco Pony Fully Analog Thru-Zero VCO and Wavefolder 1U

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Assembled version of our Pony VCO module in 1U format.

Pony VCO 1U is a fully analog Thru-Zero oscillator with wavefolder and dedicated VCA in 24HP. The module offers great stability and tuning capabilities thanks to its powerful core, based on Sound Semiconductors 2130 IC. It comes with a range selector, that allows it to go down to LFO range, as well as octave and waveform selectors.


  • Through Zero Frequency Modulation
  • Wavefolding (Timbre)
  • Pulsewidth Modulation (PWM)
  • SYNC
  • VCA
  • LFO


  • Current Draw: +12v: 32 mA -12v: 25mA
  • Width: 1U – 24HP
  • Depth: 30mm including power connector
  • Aluminum, heat-treated front panel.
  • Designed and assembled in Barcelona.



type ["VCO"]
_hp 24