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AI Synthesis AI106 West Coast Mixer Kit

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AI106 West Coast Eurorack Mixer

The AI106 West Coast Eurorack Modular Mixer is a fully discrete mixer design that updates vintage West Coast synthesizer mixer designs into a modern form.

The AI106 West Coast Eurorack Mixer takes inspiration from vintage mixer circuits from 60s and 70s West Coast synthesizers, but updates it for eurorack and allows for user customization of the circuit. True to original circuits, the output is inverted. Audio rate signals will sound about the same, but cv signals will be inverted.

Because "West Coast" Synthesis focused more on waveshaping and Complex VCO structures as opposed to Subrtacting frequencies from simple waveforms (East Coast), mixers are an important part of traditional West Coast synthesis techniques.

Kits Include all parts needed to build, power, and mount the AI106 West Coast Mixer Eurorack Module:

Hi Quality Panel
Mounting Screws
Jacks and Nuts
Power cable





-V mA


+V mA



**Once the packaging has been opened this product cannot be returned

type ["Mixer"]
_hp 6