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AI Synthesis AI007 Quad VCA Mixer Kit

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Please note this is a kit which requires soldering.

The AI007 Quad VCA Mixer is a compact, high quality, and flexible way to control voltage (audio or cv) in your modular system). Each of the four inputs are DC coupled, allowing the amplitude of CV signals as well as audio rate signals to be voltage controlled. The outputs are also normalled together into a mixer, allowing the AI007 Eurorack Quad VCA Mixer to be used as a voltage controlled mixer. Once a cable is patched into a VCA output that output is removed from the mixer signal, allowing each channel to be used independently, giving users four VCAs in total. A dedicated knob shapes the curve response from Linear to Exponential.

The AI007 Quad VCA Mixer project is advanced and not for beginners.
Please read the build guide prior to purchasing.

In addition to using SMD parts, (805 and larger,) there are also a large number of thru hold components. Care must be taken to ensure there are no shorts, and if you use additional flux, you may need to probe for continuity in odd places.

 All modern designs are based on older designs, and this is no different. This design started as a THAT based design, and then moved to a 2164 based Design. When I moved to 2164, while studying other circuits, I borrowed portions from Émilie's great Veils module. Thanks to Émilie Gillet from Mutable Instruments for her fantastic work.

Width: 12HP

Depth: 36mm

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