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Accuraci - Asymmetr (Cassette)

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"Aysmmetr" is an electronic album that delves deep into the intricate tapestry of our relationships, exploring the delicate balance between our interconnectedness and the barriers that ego erects.

"Aysmmetr" embraces the uncomfortable truth of feeling overcrowded and having no control in a society that seems bent on its own destruction. Yet, it doesn't leave you stranded in despair. The album ultimately leads to a realization of our deeper connections that transcend the limitations of time and space.

The final tracks of embrace the inevitable loss that comes with the passage of time. The album embraces the concept of time as an arrow—unidirectional and irreversible. It invites you to contemplate the beauty and tragedy that accompany our journey through life.


For Max

Special thanks to Jeremy Branch, Ryan Sharpe, my wife Tanya Weaver for all the feedback. Thanks to AI for writing my album description. Also to my Dad for supporting me by flying across the country to see one of my shows.
released June 22, 2023

All songs written, performed, mixed and mastered by Accuraci in Seattle, Washington.

Song "Hypnopompia" features a voicemail from Samantha Cook
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