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4ms Company Passive Multiple Full Kit

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The do-it-yourself kit includes all the parts necessary to build a Passive Mult. This is a beginner-level kit, but you need some prior experience and basic hand tools (small screwdriver, soldering iron, etc.).

Note: the Passive Mult is only fully compatible with sliding nut cases. Other cases will either require a gap on one side of the Passive Mult, or require the rail mounting holes to be made larger.

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:

  • Module size:
    • 2HP Eurorack format module
  • Power consumption:
    • None

Included in the Passive Mult Kit:

  • 1x Passive Mult Panel
  • 1x Passive Mult PCB
  • 8x 1/8" Jacks
  • 8x 1/8" Jack Hex Nuts
  • 2x M3 Screws
_hp 2