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The Ultimate Pattern Generator: Acid Rain Technology's Constellation w/ Ryan Hume

In this video Acid Rain Technology co-owner Ryan Hume gives us a thorough presentation on the incredibly versatile, performative, and fun pattern generator: Constellation.

Constellation is all about rhythm. It is an 8-channel pattern generator that works by combining multiple dense and sparse patterns to create long, complex and musically interesting trigger and gate rhythms. Constellation takes a "parametric" approach to rhythm - there is no explicit step sequencing on the module, rather the rhythms are defined by euclidean (and more) parameters that build the rhythm mathematically. Constellation aims to evolve the concept of euclidean rhythms far beyond the useful but repetitive patterns we often think of when we hear the term "euclidean rhythm". We accomplish this by combining up to 8 individual euclidean patterns of different lengths and density. Each pattern may provide only a small component of the final output, but together create immensely musical and varied rhythmic material over a very long time frame - up to 999 steps! If each of those steps are 1/16 note in length at 120 bpm, that's a full 2 minutes of explicitly defined, yet non repeating rhythmic material.

In addition, Constellation's parametric approach allows any of these parameters to be modulated with CV through one of 8 freely assignable CV inputs. CV modulation introduces further ability for Constellation's rhythmic output to vary over time. Paired with a Maestro or Navigators, hours of interesting morphing rhythms are possible without the need for tons of step programming or the uncontrollable chaos of a purely generative approach.

When writing music, rhythmic interest is often built through the combination of repeating and non repeating elements that work together to anchor the overall feel but also keep the ear free from boredom over the duration of the piece. We feel that Constellation provides a unique set of tools to accomplish this goal and achieve rhythms that are intentional, unexpected and exciting to use as the foundation of your compositions.

Demo by: Ryan Hume of Acid Rain Technology
Video by: Matthew Piecora ( EZBOT) and Steven Ly (Project 32) 

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Acid Rain Technology Constellation

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