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Patchwerks Originals: DivKid Øchd Overview and Demo

 In this inaugural video of our series, our resident expert Matthew Piecora (aka EZBOT) demos the amazingly simple and musically powerful features from the new DivKid module øchd. Remember to like and subscribe, because we'll have more videos of great gear coming your way soon. From DivKid: This collaboration between DivKid and Instruo is a 4HP all analogue triangle LFO generator with 8 outputs. Each of the 8 outputs are free running and are musically tuned intervals, as opposed to synced or variable phase outputs from each other. A range of fast to slow outputs can be set to make any patch drift organically and beautifully, letting your modulation freely drift various parameters. There's a global rate control to go up into either lower audio rates on the fastest outputs, or glacially slow. A CV input with attenuverter allows for waveshaping via feedback patching, everything from log, lin or expo curves through to odd staircases waves and more. A negative voltage can reliably halt the circuit which gives 8 track and holds over the outputs.

Check the DivKid 0chd Module here!

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