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Analogue Solutions LED CV "Y" Splitter Cables 3-pack

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A cable to allow you to split a CV signal. It has 1 jack plug wired to 2 jack sockets. These will light as the signal swings from a positive to negative voltage. Each of the three connectors has a single LED. The plug is White. One socket is Orange. The other socket is Green. The two socket LEDs are wired in reverse, so they alternately light if your source signal is +/-.

24cm long tip to tip.

The cables are slightly translucent and you can see the core of the cable. Material is a soft touch rubber that is presently flexible. Plugs are embossed with the words ANALOGUE SOLUTIONS and also the logo.


These don’t just look pretty! They have practical advantages too!

  • Help seeing what’s going on in the dark!

  • Help diagnose signal flow.

Sold in packs of 3

Note: LEDs take a small amount of power!

In most cases no problems. But they will drop the CV signal power a little. If your CV signal voltage is low, you will of course have dim or no brightness.