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Grooveboxes - all-in-one sequencers and sound generators

Ah, the groovebox.  With the original single function machines like the Roland TR-808 drum machine and Roland TB-303 bassline, one typically needed a few of these classics together to make some tunes.  But now, several manufacturers are creating great all-in-one machines you can use to create a complete song.  They do integrate into larger setups as well, meaning you can start small with one of these and expand as you go along.

If you need advice on which one is right for you, give us a call at 844-WAVEFRM or an email to info@patchwerks.com!

Elektron Model:Cycles FM-based Groovebox
Teenage Engineering OP-Z Synthesizer

Teenage Engineering


1010 Music Blackbox

1010 Music


Roland MC-707