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Zorx Eurorack Ribbon Controller

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Slide your fingers along this beautiful, illuminated ribbon controller to introduce a new level of control to your Eurorack!  Also check out the Zorx Power + Buffered Mult module for a convenient way to connect the controller to your modular without needing an external power supply.

• Measures 22" X 1.5" X 1"

• 5 LED colors to choose from

• 12v Ribbon for pitch, etc., w/range adjustment

• Gate Out - On/Off/Touch Activated

• Pulse Out

• Pressure Sensor

• N/O or N/C Gate/Function Mom. push button

• Auxiliary knob for LFO rate, VCA, whatever

• LED On/Off/Touch Activated

• Textured opaque sidewalls w/clear top & base

• Teflon tape for long lasting durability and smoothness.

• 3.5mm TS mono jack outputs

• Eurorack/MU (Moog Unit) Compatible

• No computer/module/breakout box needed

• DC power adapter included

•• Customization available - email us

••• Durable, custom made by hand, built to last

••••• Made in the USA