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Zorx 1U CV Bus (Intellijel Format)

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The Zorx 1U CV Bus is an 84 HP 4 - 1 x 4 or 2 - 1 X 8 buffered mult with attenuation/attenuverting on each output for use with audio and CV signals.

There are four channels, each with four dedicated outputs, separated into groups of four. 4X4X4. Input a signal into any channel and use that channel’s outputs to spread the input signal throughout your rig. With outputs spread out in this manner, it inspires creative modulation and patching.

Channel 1’s input is normalled into Channel 2’s input for use as a 1x8 mult. Likewise, Channel 3’s input is normalled into Channel 4’s input for use as a 1x8 mult. When nothing is patched into Channels 1 and 3,+5V is fed into each input for use as an offset throughout their respective channels with a peak to peak voltage of -5V to +5V available at each output.

Each output has attenuator/attenuverter potentiometer control. Center position is off - no signal at the output. These outputs are buffered so that with one input you can have four separate and different variations of the input signal at each of its corresponding outputs.

See-thru color coded LED indicators denote which channel an output belongs to for easy maneuvering during live performance and in dimly lit situations, and there are also numbered dots below each potentiometer that denote that as well.

The Zorx 1U CV Bus uses +12V 90 mA and -12V 90mA, and doesn’t need a +5V rail to operate. It has a depth of 27mm. The faceplate is black matte with copper.

Want to expand your Zorx 1U CV Bus? Grab the Expander! (note, expander sold separately)

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