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XAOC Devices Erfurt - Counter & Frequency Divider Expander for Drezno

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Erfurt is a bi-directional digital counter, frequency divider, and a component of our 8-bit Leibniz Binary Subsystem. It has multiple applications: the output of the counter may be used as a phase source driving a digital wavetable, connected to other Leibniz modules it may scan waveshapes in Jena, produce stepped voltages useful for making interesting glissandi with Drezno and any VCO, generate gate patterns animating the spectrum of Odessa harmonic banks, spawn pseudo-chaotic sequences when fed back to Lipsk, etc.

It can also operate standalone (without other Leibniz components), and act as an 8-output clock and audio frequency divider.

Since Erfurt is based on CMOS logic (no CPU!), it can be clocked at very high frequencies (exceeding audio rate) without any aliasing or frequency interference. It also features its own internal HF clock source that may be used with clockless data sources.

For detailed description, please refer to the manual.

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current_draw {"+12V":"25mA","-12V":"30mA","+5V":"0mA"}
type ["Oscillator","Clock"]
_hp 6