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WMD Volt Precision Voltage Generator

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Volt is a 4 hp eurorack module that is capable of producing precision offsets in increments of 1V at a time.  Originally designed as a test and calibration piece, use volt to calibrate oscillators and filters, an anything that needs a steady, static voltage reference.

With a range from -7V to +7V, the Volt can be used for calibration of analog and digital (CV controlled) oscillators over several octaves. 

As for a performance tool, Volt can be used to offset V/Octave signals that are being used to control oscillators and other tone generators.  Is your oscillator missing a quick octave select switch? Use Volt!  Use the buttons to manually shift octaves or use the dedicated gate inputs to sequence it up and down.  This is great for super simple octavy bass lines.

Click both buttons or send gates to both inputs at the same time to reset back to zero.

Features include:

- 3 inputs

- 3 outputs

- Dedicated up and down buttons

- Dedicated up and down Gate inputs

- "Set zero" to choose an offset to represent home bass.

 Volt is only 4hp and 30mm deep.

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