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Winterbloom Helium Precision Buffered Multiple & Adder

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Precision buffered multiple and precision adder

Helium packs a lot of utility into a small package: three 1-to-3 precision buffered multiples and one precision adder. Helium works exceptionally well with both CV and audio signals and the beautiful blue and red LEDs give you immediate feedback on the signals passing through.

Oh, and when we say precision, we mean precision. Unlike some other so-called "precision" mults & adders out there, Helium features high-quality, low-offset, low-drift op-amps and 0.05% thin film resistors. You'll have a hard time finding another mult on this level.

Each buffered multiple is normalled to the one above it, so you can operate it as a 1-to-9 multiple if needed.

Size: 4 HP
Depth: 25 mm
Power: +35 mA, -35 mA
type ["Mult","CV Effect"]
_hp 4