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Winterbloom Big Honking Button Sample Player (V2)

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It is a lovely day in the studio and you have captured a horrible goose and put it into your synthesizer.

Big Honking Button is, well, a big button that honks. Okay- okay, before you run away- it’s actually a simple sampler in a very silly package. It has pitch CV, gate in, gate out, and you can store up to 8mb of samples on it.

Manufactured in the United States.



  • 8hp

  • Audio out

  • Gate in (the sample is triggered by the button or gate in)

  • Gate out (comes from the button or gate in)

  • Pitch CV in (-2v to +2v)

  • 8mb flash storage for code & samples

  • Reversible panel so you can put the button at the bottom if you need to

  • +12v 25mA, -12v 5mA

  • 100% open source hardware & software

_hp 8