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Waveform Magazine Mewsic Box 60HP Powered Case DIY Kit

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The Mewsic Box not only looks like a top shelf luxury item, but it also comes with everything you need (minus the modules!): rails, power, AC adapter, screws and more!
Made of extremely sturdy FR-4 glass reinforced black epoxy laminate and with the option to add a handy plant/mini patch cable holder, as well as the soon-to-be-released Meow Mixer (sold separately), a space saving 3-channel mixer that attaches to the rear of the case freeing up precious HP, along with the ability to add more HP saving Waveform Catwalk utility modules such as the Catwalk Mult and the Cattenuator, AND the option to add powered internal speakers (sold separately), we think the feature rich Waveform Mewsic Box is the cat's meow!
The Mewsic Box comes only as a DIY kit. You will have to solder some filter capacitors and the power headers. You will need a Philips screwdriver and pliers or a small wrench to put it all together, but this is a very doable project for anybody who's ever used a soldering iron. A build guide will be provided.
Pictured modules, cables, blank panels, and stylish plant are not included.
The Mewsic Box measures approximately 130mm x 90mm x 305mm and supplies +12V, -12V, and +5V.
It provides 350 mA for +12V and -12V, and 100mA for +5V.
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