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Waldorf Pulse 2

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The Pulse 2 synthesizer module gives you an incredible 500 fully-editable sound programs, allowing you to create an incredible array of tones and textures that's limited only by your imagination. It also includes USB connectivity, so you can easily edit and manage your sounds on your computer.

User-friendly - and built like a tank
The Pulse 2 is housed in a robust metal desktop case. You get a large LCD display and eight stainless steel knobs, making it easy to surf through the Pulse 2's logically arranged parameter matrix, set your master volume, and edit your patch parameters.

Waldorf Pulse 2 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Module Features:
Three analog oscillators; one noise generator
Pulse width modulation; hard sync
Filter FM and Ring Modulation from Oscillator 3
XOR Osc mode; 8/4-voice Paraphonic modes
Cascade Filter, 24dB/12db Lowpass, 12db Highpass/Bandpass filter modes
Powerful Arpeggiator; 8-slot Modulation Matrix
External analog signal input
Stereo line out; headphone out
Backward-compatible with classic Pulse
128x64 character backlit LCD screen
Eight stainless steel knobs
500 Sound Programs
Electron-absorbing black metal case

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