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Tascam AK-DR11G MKII (DR series Acessories)

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Accessories package suitable for use with the DR series

The AK-DR11 series are accessory packages highly convenient for recording needs, utilizing the DR series' handy recorder.

Spec description

Power Adaptor Equivalent to PS-P520E
Input power AC100-240V、50/60Hz
Output power 5.0V、2A
Dimensions 38(W) × 58(H) × 31(D)mm
Weight 53g
Adaptor plugs For U.K., etc. (x1), For Oceania., etc. (x1), For Europe, etc. (x1), For Korea., etc. (x1)
USB cables Type-A to Type-C (x1), Type-A to micro B (x1), Type-A to DC (x1)
* This USB cables does not support data transfer.
Portable soft case  
Dimensions (W×H×D) 245(W) × 110(H) mm
Weight 42 g
Furry windscreen Equivalent to WS-11
Dimensions 130(W) × 90(H) × 40(D) mm
Weight 21.6 g
Included items Owner's manual (including warranty)

Furry windscreen to reduce wind noise

When filming outdoors, even a slight breeze can be recorded by the mic and cause wind noise. Applying the furry windscreen atop your device will prevent this unwanted noise.

Power Adapter

The power adapter is convenient for continuous recording. A type-A to C, Type-A to micro-B, and Type-A to DC multi-function cables are included.

Soft Carrying Case

A conveniently portable soft case made of durable fabric.