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Tiptop Buchla Model 292t Quad Lopass Gate

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Tiptop Buchla 292t Quad Lopass Gate

The TipTop Buchla Quad Lopass Gate Model 292t is a synthesizer module that features four separate voltage-controlled amplifiers (VCAs). Each VCA has a signal input and output, a control voltage input to alter the gain, and an offset adjustment for fine-tuning. There is also a switch to choose from three different operating modes: VCA mode for pure amplification, VCF mode for lowpass filtering, or a combination mode where the frequency response changes with gain adjustments.

In summary, the functions of this synthesizer module include:

  1. Voltage-controlled amplification: Each of the four VCAs can amplify or attenuate an input signal based on the control voltage.
  2. Lowpass filtering: In VCF mode, the module acts as a lowpass filter, removing high-frequency content from the input signal.
  3. Combined operation: The module can simultaneously perform amplification and lowpass filtering, with the filter's response changing as the gain is adjusted.

Size: 16 HP 

Depth: 45mm

Power: +12V 87mA / -12V 36mA