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this.is.NOISE inc NMSVE Noise Machine Bluetooth MIDI Controller

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Noise Machine Straight Vibin' Edition

The main idea behind NMSVE was to create a portable MIDI controller made for the modern musician. A device that's compact, functional, and can be used for all kinds of MIDI purposes WITHOUT taking up valuable desk space.

How does it work?

NMSVE works by wirelessly connecting to MIDI capable software on your mobile device, iPad, or Mac/PC via Bluetooth.

Once connected, each of NMSVEs 12 buttons send unique MIDI notes while the slider cycles between 7 banks for these buttons - giving you a total of 84 unique MIDI notes across the board. Meanwhile, the knob can be mapped in software to control effects!

For a full rundown of Noise Machine (NMSVE) click here.

What can I use it for?

With software you can integrate NMSVE into your existing setup or use on its own to create amazing beats, control FX, trigger samples, play synths, drum, lighting, and just about anything else you can imagine - all in the palm of your hand 🤲 ✨


  • 12 buttons
  • 7 bank slider
  • MIDI effects knob
  • Choice of 12 different channels on start-up
  • Connects via Low Latency Bluetooth MIDI
  • Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, Mac, Android, Windows 10, and direct to hardware through CME WIDI adapters
  • USB-C charging port with indicator 
  • Massive battery life (9-12 hours per charge)
  • Open sourced
  • Exposed pinouts

What You Get

  • 1x NMSVE
  • 1x USB Type C Cable
  • 2x Stickers

Compatible Apps

  • Koala Sampler
  • Garageband
  • SDS-X
  • Chomplr
  • SynthOne
  • Korg Gadget 2
  • AUM
  • BandLab
  • n-track
  • bs-16i
  • Animoog Z
  • Groovebox
  • Retro Piano
  • SunVox
  • Flip Sampler
  • FLStudio
  • Ableton
  • Reason
  • Waveform
  • Bitwig
  • Logic Pro X
  • Amplify Studio
  • G-Stomper
  • Bandpass
  • DRC
  • Perfect Piano

plus tons more!