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Teenage Engineering Op-lab Module for OP-Z

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The Missing Link in Your Synth Rig!

Teenage Engineering Oplab Musical Experiment Board at a Glance:
  • Expand the I/O and capabilities of any synth
  • Hook up sensors and other electronic gizmos
  • Build your own synth with Oplab at the center
Expand the I/O and capabilities of any synth

Want to send and receive MIDI with your class-compliant USB-equipped keyboard, such as the OP-1? Teenage Engineering's Oplab can make that happen. How about syncing your DAW to your classic Roland TB-303? No problem! Just run MIDI clock to your Oplab via USB or MIDI, and send Sync24 from your Oplab to you TB-303's DIN sync in. CV to MIDI, MIDI to USB, USB to CV, and on and on - it's not only possible but easy with the Teenage Engineering Oplab.

Hook up sensors and other electronic gizmos

Want to dig in a little deeper? Check this out. First of all, Teenage Engineering makes a series of Team Teenage sensors, which you can connect directly to the Oplab to trigger sounds via impact, pressure, or movement, making it easy to setup unique kinetic instruments. You can also use the Oplab's extensive digital matrix to create simple triggers out of nearly any closed circuit, from metal objects to more complex conductive materials. And with the flexibility of the Oplab's 5-volt CV I/O, you can turn old computer mice, dead hard drives, and other electronic junk into unique musical controllers. Check out the videos on this page to get an idea of some things you can do.

Build your own synth with Oplab at the center

If your knowledge of electronics runs a bit deeper, then you'll be delighted by all of the additional possibilities Teenage Engineering's Oplab opens up to you. Its switchable digital matrix lets you connect everything from contacts and LEDs to buzzers, motors, and more complex electronics. Essentially, with a bit of electronics savvy, the Oplab gives you a complete USB, MIDI, and CV I/O panel you can easily integrate into your own invention. So, if you're ready to step up to build your own synth, the Oplab takes care of some of the heavy lifting for you.

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