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Tascam TM-AR1 Acoustic Control Filter

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Optimal dry sound for DAW music creation, even at your home studio.

Designed to minimize reflections and unwanted room ambience, the TASCAM TM-AR1 helps to manage what your microphone hears, giving you more control over your finished tracks.

The TM-AR1 Acoustic Control Filter does not only absorb the reflected sound but also isolates the reflections away from the microphone. By installing this tool, the microphone picks up only the direct sound with great frequency response, which enables your mixes and editings to be done with ease.

To set up the TM-AR1, it is very simple. Just place it around the microphone, that’s it! It is particularly effective when used for recording vocal, wind instrument, acoustic guitar or any other instrument individually. You can get the dry and crisp sound in your DAW environment quickly with ease.