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SSF/Steady State Fate Zephyr Complex Oscillator

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Zephyr is a 10hp single voice complex VCO based on the lovely SSI2130. Designed in honor of our daughter Zephyr Rose.

Zephyr is a bit of a mashup of the excellent trackability and octave switching found in the Spectrum VCO and the complex waveform generation of the Zero Point Oscillator along with some additional unique features to create a powerful analog VCO, including:

  • 8 octave rotary switch
  • Variable response TUNE control – FINE (1 octave), Coarse (7 octaves), and LFO (7octavess)
  • Frequency range ~3.5Hz to 29kHz (Audio) ~8mHz to 70Hz (LFO)
  • 3-0.6& THD dedicated SINE output. TRIANGLE and SAW outputs
  • PWM Pulse output with two types of PWM – EDGE and CENTER
  • 1 or 2 octave SUB out – also affected by PWM control and type
  • Voltage controlled Z-WAVE output mixes a VC wave folding and overdriven SINE with the PWM pulse
  • Dedicated normal FM input with attenuator. Can be AC coupled linear or DC coupled

  • Exponential response
  • Hard Sync with universal response to any waveform input
  • Multi-mode ZMOD input with attenuator and INDEX VCA CV input. Modulation depth Index up to 1.5
  • ZMOD modes include true Through-Zero Phase Modulation, ZYNC (hybrid reversing sync with linear TZPM), and FLIP (hard waveform reversal)
  • 10hp, +/-95mA
current_draw 95
depth 23
type ["Oscillator "]
_hp 10