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SSF/Steady State Fate Vortices Hifi Mixer with Expander (Limited Edition)

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This is a 16HP mixer module that is like the original SSF Vortices, except that this version does not have the tape saturation and harmonic coloring circuits of the original. its inputs are DC-coupled and thus this mixer can be used for CV as well.


  • 6 channel Mono Mixer including 4 attenuated inputs with level control

    • VC Panning on Channels 1 & 4

    • VC Cross-Fading on Channel 2 & 3

    • 2 Auxiliary Mono inputs

    • Stereo Output

    • Direct Cross-Fader Output

  • 8 channel Stereo Mixer (4 stereo pairs) including 3 attenuated inputs 

    • L>R Normalized to accommodate mono signals

    • 1 Auxiliary Stereo input

    • Stereo Output

  • Master Mix Output

  • Stereo Jack Master Mix Output on the back of the PCB

  • V-CV Expander included. Adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.  IMPORTANT NOTE: When using V-CV with Vortices the switch between the PCB and the panel must be in the EXP position to avoid damage.  Read the manual here when using V-CV with Vortices

type ["Mixer","External"]
_hp 16