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SOMA Laboratory Cosmos Drifting Memory Station

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SOMA LABS COSMOS Drifting Memory Station 

COSMOS is a drifting memory station designed to work with meditative states through music. The design of the controls, functions and generated soundscapes are intended to evoke, in both performer and listener, states and experiences inherent in meditation, such as limitless space, fluidity, spontaneous development, presence, the ability to hear, tranquility, the experience of subtle harmony and happiness enveloping the whole world.

From a functional point of view, COSMOS is a large array of sound memory, in which recorded sounds undergo constant recombinations, spontaneously generating an ever-changing soundscape. This is achieved in three ways — by a mathematical shift based on the relationships between large prime numbers (the size of all delay lines is different primes), an asynchronous operation of the LFO, and modulation with a slowly changing chaotic signal. As a result, it allows the endless layering and processing of various sounds, as in a looper, but without an intrusive, repetitive loop.

COSMOS generates rich, fluid and evolving soundscapes perfect for ambient music. Using COSMOS, you can play an entire meditative solo concert while being in a spontaneous flow and without using studio-prepared sequences, backing tracks and other things that can’t be a reflection of the “here and now”.

The controls and functions were carefully selected and tuned in such a way that the performer can remain as focused as possible on their music and inner experiences, with minimal distraction from interactions that require the inclusion of the superficial rational mind, which inevitably leads to falling out of the meditative state.

Due to the constant shifts, working with traditional music with a pronounced tempo and rhythm can be difficult. However, for those wishing to use COSMOS in rhythmic music, we have released a special version of the firmware containing a regular looper, but with the unique capabilities of COSMOS. For those interested in polyrhythms, COSMOS in its original form provides excellent opportunities for this, including for working with drums and various percussion instruments.

Since COSMOS is a memory station, it requires an external sound source. This source can be synthesizer, guitar, voice or any other musical instruments and their combinations hooked up through a mixer. The guitar stomp box design lets you control the effects with your feet, freeing up your hands to play musical instruments or to control other devices. The buttons are switched with light effort so you can use it with your hands as well, as COSMOS is also intended as a desktop fx module.

Turning effects on and off makes use of cross-fades, switching algorithms makes use of
fade out fade in sequence to prevent the appearance of clicks. When switching algorithms, the contents of the sound memory are transferred to the next algorithm and begin to be processed in a new way. This allows you to turn effects on and off and switch algorithms at any time during the performance, using it as expressive artistic techniques.

COSMOS is assembled with high quality analog and digital components providing high quality sound and musicality. It uses top-class Cirrus Logic audio converters and Burr-Brown's famous operational amplifiers that are highly regarded in the audiophile community. It has a sample rate of 48 kHz with 24-bit resolution, and 32-bit floating point internal digital processing.

The COSMOS software is easily upgradeable via USB flash drive and has several variations, including a traditional looper and a quad version that allows two COSMOS to be used in parallel. This quad system creates four channels of output, and when you connect each channel to its own PA, it creates very interesting possibilities for multichannel live performances.

COSMOS was inspired by the early ambient works of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno and the Frippertronic system they developed specifically for this purpose. COSMOS is a further development of these ideas and offers new possibilities for modern performers of meditative music, as well as for those sound designers whose studio work requires rich fluid soundscapes.


Minimum input voltage 0.35 V peak-to-peak
Input impedance 50 kΩ
Maximum output voltage at line outputs 11.3 V peak-to-peak
The maximum output voltage at the headphones output 10.4 V peak-to-peak
Frequency response 10–22000 Hz
Sound memory 44.7 sec
Supply voltage DC 12 V *
Power connector polarity center plus
Current Consumption 0.25 А
Dimensions 342 x 153 x 68 mm
Weight 2.2 kg

* Use only the power supply supplied with the device! In case of failure, it can be replaced with a high-quality modern switched-mode power supply with an output voltage of DC 12 volts, the center is plus and an output current of at least 0.5 amperes (more is fine). The power supply must have a wide AC input voltage range of 100-240 volts. Such power supplies have excellent output voltage stabilization required for the device. It is forbidden to use COSMOS with nonstabilized voltage from transformer power supplies. It can lead to damage to the device, which is not covered by the warranty repair!