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Roland System-1 Plug-out Synthesizer

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System-1 Plug-out Synthesizer Keyboard Features:
A continuation of Roland's legendary System series modular and semi-modular synthesizers

Roland's most compact 25-key synth to date, but it's still extremely comfortable to play

Analog Circuit Behavior component-to-component modeling technology provides killer realism

Innovative Plug-out technology lets you load up additional synth engines and take them with you

Control every parameter with real physical knobs and playable sliders with LED indicators

Multimode filter provides -12dB to -24dB/octave lowpass and independent highpass controls

Thicken up your sound with easy-to-manipulate onboard delay and reverb effects

Dial in an extra dose of aggressive distortion with the Crusher knob

A simple tone knob lets you adjust the overall sound of your synth on the fly

Tempo sync functions allow you to lock your LFO and delay effect to the beat

Advanced arpeggiator with Scatter mode lets you easily create cool moving patterns

Use 10 Scatter modes with 10 levels of depth to inject the perfect amount of chaos into your sound

USB connection provides audio and MIDI communication to your computer

Solid MIDI clock sync provides tight timing with external gear, such as the rest of the AIRA series

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