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Recovery Effects Mystic Semi-Modular FM Synthesizer

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The Mystic is an experimental device that makes ethereal voices swirl, echo, ascend, and plunge into an ever-changing, sonic, celestial playground. Generate colossal waves that ripple through the cosmos and make galaxies collide. Transcend reality and let The Mystic guide the way.

With an FM synth at its core, The Mystic contains 2 operator voices, 2 modulators, and an analog style echo with 500ms of delay time. Both operator voices include control over carrier frequency, and each modulator affects both voices, creating complex, interesting growls, sweeps, and cascading atmospherics. All synth parameters are controllable via CV, as well as delay time.


Power supply: The Mystic operates on a standard "Boss" style 9vdc negative tip, 200mA. The Mystic does not come with a power supply, you can order one here

Output: line level

Dimensions: 6.88 x 3.34 x 1.69”