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Qu-Bit Mojave Live Granular Processor

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Make It Grain.

Mojave is a granular sandstorm. Drawing its inspiration from vast swaths of desert in the American Southwest, Mojave is a live granular processor that uses microscopic bits of audio to create beautifully crafted sonic landscapes.

The core of Mojave’s sound design palette is a unique set of melodic and rhythmic controls that presents each grain in a compositional context. Generate clock-synced granular arpeggios, or envelope your sound in rich harmonic swirls with the turn of a knob. All microsound settings can be easily accessed via individual knobs letting you tailor each grain, and effortlessly construct dunes of sound. Mojave is not exclusive to modular signals either; become the wind itself by using the onboard microphone to sift through and manipulate acoustic audio.

And, just like Nautilus, Mojave’s internal settings can be configured via the USB drive and the Narwhal web app. Whether you are constructing pebbles or sandstone monuments, Mojave is the perfect balance between exploratory sound design and harmonious sublimity.

  • Live granular processor and stochastic event generator

  • Onboard high quality MEMS microphone

  • Configurable Dune CV/Gate output

  • Firmware updates & alternate firmware via the USB Drive

  • Based on the Daisy platform

Tech Specs

Width: 14HP

Depth: 22mm

Power Consumption: +12V=167mA, -12V=13mA, +5V=0mA