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Pedal Brainz No-Brainer

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No-Brainer - Manual Expression

Buried behind innocent looking expression jacks lies the potential to gain control over possibilities that otherwise remain unobtainable.

Offering hardware functionality that increases compatibility across the wide range of expression formats, the creative control is in your hands to adjust and refine the interaction.


  • EXP/EYE Switch: Choose between manual expression or engage the Eye to add light-headed control.
  • Scale Knob: Variable control of the Maximum expression value.
  • Range Switch (Full/ Less/ Least): Adjusts the Maximum range of the Scale Knob.
  • Tip Direction: Swaps the direction of expression between Tip-Ring and Ring-Tip for greater compatability across effects.
  • TRS 1/4" Jack: Requires TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) between Pedal Brain and effec