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Nono Modular Lander Two 84HP 9U Modular Case (Unpowered)

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3x 84hp ROWS FOLDABLE EURORACK CASE and a padded space for storing cables, power bricks, spring tanks and accessories. 

Robust and foldable while patched. Inspired by the design of old, glorious synths. Built with new materials and high-quality mechanics. 

LANDER has an innovative design and now even more performing with the use of aluminum for the chassis

The idea comes from the sum of a 1ROW skiff plus a vertical 2ROW case. The vertical case is tilted for optimal focus on the modules. The whole case can be folded for transport.

The design includes the charm of old lab machines, cast into the future, and the beauty of an object designed to be both useful and efficient. Space age e rationalism in modular Eurorack format.

(104HP version shown)

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