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Nono Modular EBE 6U 84HP Unpowered Case (single unit)

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(Note this case is shallow at approximately 33cm internal depth for modules.  Please check your module depths before ordering!)

Ebe is a project based on simplicity and it is designed to adapt to any situation.
The basic module is a light and easy to handle object: once fixed to the side panels (boomerangs) it will have the appearance of a classic solid wood studio case but with the practical characteristic of being able to be disassembled (for shipping) and expanded (1).

Thanks to fixing slots in the back, the basic module can be hung to the wall (2+4).

The rubber feet (5) are unscrewed by hand and become the anchor point to quickly fasten two basic module cases next to each other “for built big studio system”.

4hp compartment (2+3) on one of the front panels allows to fix a power module or can works as a port for other power solutions.

  • Dimension: 43.6 x 30.6 x 5.7 cm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • depth: 5.5 cm
  • 4hp compartment on one of the front panels
  • anchor point to quickly fasten two basic module cases
  • Fixing slots on the back for wall attachment

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